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Knowledge is the raw material for critical thought, creative ideas, innovative approaches, and informed decision-making. A first-rate education must be available for all Californians from preschool to college. Those who teach and mentor our youth must be honored, respected, and compensated commensurate with the contribution they make to the goal of California being the number one place to learn. Completion of school in California must signify that a student is ready to be a contributing member of society through higher education, employment, business, civil or military service, or whatever other path she or he chooses.



The beauty of our state stems from the treasures of nature—vast blue skies, radiantly warm sunshine, and cooling winds; lakes, rivers, and the ocean; mountains, valleys, and deserts; flora and fauna. We should always be responsible stewards of the natural world, and we should always treat natural resources as though they are on loan; when we borrow from nature for the present, we must replenish nature for the future. Business profits and private wealth must never take priority over nature’s preservation. We can appreciate and enjoy California’s natural beauty and make sure Californians living a century later can do the same.

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